An enthusiastic biotech entrepreneur and pioneer with over 22 years’ experience and success working in preclinical drug discovery within the pharmaceutical industry, working across all major therapeutic areas covering both protein- and RNA-based targets. A fundamental passion for disruptive innovation, new technology platforms and start-ups, and a champion for AI-driven drug discovery working in unity with traditional approaches. Founder of Sheppard R&D Consultancy Ltd, with a global network of past and present biotech/investment clients. Previous long-term Clients include Anima Biotech, as Head of Chemistry, performing ground-breaking research into mRNA-based therapeutics, and BenevolentAI, innovating AI-driven drug discovery.

He holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry from the University of Manchester, in England and a degree in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews in Scotland, previous roles included Director at Charles River along with positions at Medivir and Amgen. Well known within the industry and author of numerous publications and patents.