My love for science originally stemmed from watching others dedicate their lives to helping people. I was born with a genetic disorder that led to me spending a large chunk of my formative years in the hospital. I watched in awe as doctors and nurses did everything they could to make my future not only possible, but better. I always thought I’d become a doctor, but when I went to college I fell in love with research and realized that this could also be a way to give back to society.

After college and a position at Northeastern University as a research technician in a neuroscience lab, I transitioned to my first industry position at NIBR. There I began my first role as a chemical biologist in the Target Identification Proteomics group. Working in early drug discovery ignited my passion for chemical biology, proteomics, and mass spectrometry. In the last handful of years of my tenure at NIBR, I was given the exciting opportunity to delve into the emerging world of covalent ligand discovery. In collaboration with my supervisor, I ran a high throughput covalent ligand screen. This coupled perfectly with my affinity for mass spectrometry, as we worked to validate covalent binders discovered during screening. After almost 7 years at NIBR I joined AstraZeneca’s Chemical Biology and Protein Sciences group, where I expanded my chemical biology toolbox for various workflows in target deconvolution and engagement. I joined Entact Bio after being in big pharma for nearly 9 years, and I am incredibly thrilled to begin work on this inspiring team with a promising technology platform.

Outside of the lab, I enjoy all things dog related, novice gardening, listening to Taylor Swift’s music collection, and enjoying the beauty of the Northeast through hikes with my doodles.