I am an inquisitive and driven biologist and drug discovery scientist specializing in cancer biology and rare diseases. I became a part of the innovative team at Entact Bio, where our focus is on advancing cutting-edge modality for the benefit of patients. Prior to joining Entact Bio, I served as the principal scientist at Pfizer's Rare Disease Research Unit, focusing on the advancement of therapeutic approaches for repeat expansion diseases.

My academic journey began at Sichuan University, where I obtained my bachelor's degree. Subsequently, I pursued graduate training in the Yu lab at Fudan University, investigating protein degradation in the context of Hepatocellular carcinoma. Following my graduation, I embarked on a postdoc position at Mayo Clinic, under the mentorship of Dr. Huang and Dr. Tindall, delving into the mechanisms of prostate tumorigenesis and the degradation of oncoproteins associated with prostate cancer. Later, I joined the Fischer lab at Dana Farber Cancer Institute/Harvard Medical School, focusing on structural biology and biochemistry, particularly in the field of PROTAC and Molecular Glue.

During my leisure time, I enjoy exploring nature trails, immersing myself in the beauty of the natural scenery, and practicing calligraphy and the art of tea ceremony.