I have been passionate about scientific research since the 7th grade when I developed my first science fair project. That experience planted a seed of scientific curiosity that has only continued to grow throughout my career. At AbbVie and Merck, I fostered my appetite for drug discovery, leading multiple drug discovery programs from target validation to IND in addition to spearheading several target discovery platforms that leverage my background in chemical biology. After 15 years in big pharma, I moved to Inzen Therapeutics where I was the head of exploratory biology and developed their target discovery platform. Now at Entact Bio I am inspired both by the science as well as the vision to build a platform that would expand the druggable target space to address the unmet needs of patients.

When I’m not in the lab I enjoy hiking throughout new England or even just around Boston/Cambridge with my two pups. I’m also a fairly avid DIYer with at least one home improvement project ongoing at any time.